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If you’re looking for a specialist curtain walling company, you’ve come to the right place.

We are proud to have been recently voted the Best-Rated Curtain Walling Manufacturers in the United Kingdom when up against all of the top-rated FENSA approved companies.

As curtain wall system experts in Wigan, we build everything from simple window panes to massive curtain wall structures that can wrap around entire building projects.

Our job is to ensure these curtain wall structures are safe and beautiful—and we take them very seriously.

We don’t just think about how our work will look, though—we also think about how it feels. We believe that nothing has to feel cold or impersonal if you can make the project look elegant, natural, and timeless.

That’s why we like to think of ourselves as artists: we want each piece of architecture we create to become part of your space so that when people see it, they feel like they’re looking at something real and natural.

So if it’s an expert curtain wall contractor you’re after, we’re here to help. We’re a company that specialises in constructing curtain wall systems and glass facades as well as aluminium panels.

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Why Choose Us

The UK Building Regulations (2015) require that all new buildings are designed to meet the current requirements of BS6262 and BS592 Part 1 for glazing options from 6-28mm glass.

To comply with these regulations, we can offer a range of products that comply with the current standards. These include:

We’re not just your average curtain walling installers. We’re true industry leaders with extensive knowledge, offering our customers high-quality curtain walling installation at competitive prices.

Our walling installers in Wigan are fully qualified, insured, and available 24 hours a day to ensure that your curtains are installed as soon as possible and that you can return to enjoying your home once more we always comply with the building regulations

As professional curtain wall contractors, we always aim for 100% customer satisfaction for your curtain wall system, so you can rest assured you’ll have the most suitable product.

Our curtain wall contractors will advise you on all aspects of choosing a curtain wall for your project, from colours to our material range. We also provide a wide variety of styles and types of curtain walling, so there is something for everyone!

Get in touch with us by e-mail using our contact form to learn more about our entire range here at Curtain Wall Installer.

Curtain Wall Costs In Wigan

The average cost of a curtain walling system in Wigan is less than £100 per square meter, making it a cost-effective way of adding an attractive feature to your property.

Before getting started, you must consider several things if you’re planning to instal a new curtain wall at your home or building structure. 

Curtain Wall Costs Wigan

What Influences Curtain Wall Construction Costs?

Many factors influence the cost of a curtain wall system in Wigan, such as:

Again, factors such as this can further influence construction costs. If you would like an accurate cost on UK curtain wall products, contact us today!

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Curtain Walling Benefits

A Curtain walling system is a building technology that combines glass, metal, or other transparent materials with a framework of metal bars.

The curtain walling protects from the weather and gives the building a clean, modern look.

Curtain Walling Benefits Wigan

Several benefits are associated with curtain walling systems; they include:

To learn more about the benefits, please speak to a member of our team today or visit our curtain walling benefits page.

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Types of Curtain Wall Screens

 The curtain wall is one of the most important architectural elements of buildings. It is essentially a wall with no openings and is used to enclose an entire building.

The curtain wall is used for aesthetic purposes and to protect the building from weather conditions like wind and rain.

Curtain walls can be made from many different materials, with glass being one of the most popular because it provides a clear view of what’s behind it.

Types of Curtain Wall Screens Wigan

You can choose from several types of curtain walls when designing your home or office.

Unitised Curtain Wall

The most common type of curtain wall, unitised, comprises pre-fabricated panels that can be assembled on-site. The panels are designed to be installed modularly, with each panel requiring its frame.

The frames are generally braced against one another or supported by an adjacent structure. The panels can be made from various materials, including glass, steel, and aluminium curtain walling.

Unitised curtain walls are typically used for multi-storey commercial developments such as offices, hotels, and retail outlets as they allow for large areas of glazing to be used without compromising on structural strength.

However, they require more upkeep than other types of curtain walls as they need to be cleaned regularly to avoid dirt, which can obscure visibility through the windows.

Stick Curtain Wall

The stick curtain wall is the most basic type of curtain wall. It consists of a series of vertical steel or aluminium mullions horizontally connected by glass or metal spandrel panels. The mullions are generally spaced at intervals greater than four feet, allowing weatherproofing and insulation to be applied between them.

The stick system curtain wall is constructed using various materials, including glass, metal, stone, and concrete. Sometimes, it is possible to use just one type of material.

In contrast, it may be necessary to use multiple materials to achieve the desired appearance and performance characteristics. The choice of material depends on the environment in which it will be installed and how it will be used.

Stick system curtain walls often span multiple floors of modern office buildings with little need for privacy and security since they can easily be removed when not needed (for example, during cleaning). This makes them ideal for locations such as hotels, restaurants, and retail stores where windows need to be opened frequently for ventilation purposes.

A stick system is one of the main two types of installation for curtain walls, along with pre-built systems, For more information about a stick system curtain wall or a pre-built option, please speak to a member of our small team today.  We can offer assistance whether you require stick systems of unitised systems.

Glazed Curtain Wall Systems

Glazed curtain walls are the most common type of curtain wall system. They are made of glass panels connected by metal frames, which hold the glass in place. Glazed curtain walls can be designed to have varying degrees of transparency depending on the desired amount of sunlight.

Glazed curtain wall systems are typically used as exterior walls for buildings and can be found in various architectural styles. They can also be used as interior walls and even ceilings, as seen in modern office buildings.

The main advantage of glazed curtain walls is their ability to provide natural light inside the building. This allows for more efficient use of electricity and other resources while providing an attractive appearance outside the building.

In addition to providing natural light, glazed curtain wall systems protect from high winds and weather conditions such as rain or snow. They also protect against vandalism because there is no access from inside or outside the building through these walls.

Aluminium Curtain Walling System

Aluminium curtain walls are one of the most popular and widely used forms of curtain wall products. These walls are constructed using an aluminium framing system clad with glass or other materials such as stone, wood, or other materials. 

This type of wall has many advantages over alternative curtain walling types, including lightweight, low maintenance, and durable. However, it tends to be more expensive than other curtain walling materials. 

Aluminium curtain walling is often used to span multiple floors at commercial projects such as hotels and offices because they can be made to look very attractive and decorative. Aluminium curtain walling projects are also often used in large expanses for their durability and low maintenance requirements.

Aluminium curtain walling systems are typically made from extruded aluminium profiles that form the structure’s frame. These aluminium frames are usually attached using screws or rivets, but some manufacturers may use other methods, such as welding or bonding them with adhesive tape.

The aluminium frame is then clad with a panel or panels of glass or another material such as stone or wood veneer to give it its final appearance. Aluminium windows are very aesthetically pleasing, which is why many building structures use them. 

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What is Curtain Walling?

Curtain walling is used in the construction sector to describe a façade constructed of modular, transparent components. The purpose of curtain walling is to protect from the elements while also allowing light into a building.

Curtain walling systems can be made out of a variety of materials. Still, it is most commonly made out of glass, metal, or plastic. Glass is often used because it provides excellent visibility and doesn’t take up much space in a building.

Metal may be used for exterior walls or interior partitions between rooms. Plastic can be used for interior partitions and other applications where there isn’t much exposure to the elements.

What is Curtain Walling Greater Manchester

There are many benefits to using curtain walling instead of traditional windows or doors. The biggest benefit is that there is no need for additional frames around the window area since they are all within one frame.

This cuts down on construction costs and makes it easier for maintenance workers to get inside if needed. It also makes cleaning easier because you don’t have to worry about cleaning around multiple frames.

Curtain Wall Materials

At our company, we offer a wide range of curtain walling systems that are tailored to your specific requirements.

We will ensure all drawings meet the approval of architects, clients and the main contractor.

Our team can work directly with designers and main contractors as well as individual clients to ensure your exact needs are met.

We can install a range of curtain walling materials, including those made from glass, aluminium, or steel, and each material has its benefits.


This material is often used for commercial buildings because it is lightweight and easy to install without compromising strength or durability.

It also offers excellent insulation properties, making it ideal for cold climates. Aluminium windows are structurally and aesthetically sound. 


Steel is a highly sturdy material, making it very popular with architects designing high-rise buildings where structural integrity is paramount.

Suppose you’re looking for something more aesthetically pleasing than aluminium lightweight material. In that case, this may be your best option as it comes in many different colours and finishes, such as silver or black oxide coating, giving it a rugged industrial look that suits many commercial properties.


Glass is another popular choice for curtain walls because they offer fantastic views and natural light.

Still, they can also be designed to suit any style or theme, so if you’re looking for something modern, the glass is likely the right choice.

Where is Curtain Walling Used?

Curtain walling is used in many different areas. You will find it in commercial buildings, shopping malls, airports, stadiums, and theatres.

It is an excellent product for hospitals and schools too. Curtain walling can also protect against the elements in warehouses or retail stores.

You need qualified curtain walling specialists if you want to buy or sell a building with this type of cladding.

Curtain Walling Installation

Curtain walling installation is a very specialist job. It requires a team of highly skilled engineers and technicians to ensure the project runs smoothly and safely.

Curtain walling systems install panels into your building to create an attractive, modern, and functional look. The glass panels can be used for both exterior and interior walls, as well as for skylights and other areas of the building.

It’s important to note that there are two types of curtain walling installation. The first type is where the glass panels are installed onto previously built structures by contractors or builders.

This is often done using a crane or other heavy machinery to lift the panels. The second type is where the contractor installs the product directly onto the building structure before it has been built by using an adhesive substance called sealant tape to hold everything together securely until it has been set correctly.

If you require a curtain wall installer, please complete our enquiry form today. 

Curtain Walling Installation Process

The first step in installing curtain walling systems is to decide what kind of glass you want to use for your project. The product type will determine how much work needs to be done onsite before it can be installed correctly.

For example, if you choose extruded glass panels, they will have to be cut down into smaller pieces before they can be installed properly. This is time-consuming and requires someone with experience handling these materials safely and accurately.

Once they have been cut into smaller pieces, they must be cleaned with an acid solution so that they don’t leave any residue behind on the other surfaces once they are installed into place.

If you want to use tempered or laminated glass panels instead, this process will involve fewer steps because these panels come pre-cut into smaller pieces and are ready to go as soon as they’re delivered to your site.

The only additional step that needs to be taken in cleaning them with an acid solution so that no residue is left behind on any other surfaces where they will be installed.

We have been installing curtain walling throughout the UK for many years and can offer the best installations, whether an office building or a residential property. We will ensure that your project is completed as quickly as possible with minimal disruption to your business or home life.

Our team is highly skilled and trained in all aspects of quality UK curtain walling installation, from brickwork repairs to window replacements. We use only the highest quality materials so that you get the best value for money possible. If you want to know more about our services, please contact us today!

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Curtain walls are a popular choice for offices and retail spaces. They are durable and high quality and come in various colours and materials, so they can be customised to fit your needs.

Curtain Walling specialists Wigan Greater Manchester

However, there are so many different curtain wall options that it can be challenging to determine which one is right for your project.

Is Cladding The Same as Curtain Wall?

No, curtain walls are part of a building’s exterior, typically consisting of floor-to-ceiling glass panels.

On the other hand, cladding is an exterior covering made of different materials like stone, brick, or metal.

What is The Difference Between a Facade and a Curtain Wall?

The difference between a façade and a curtain wall is that a façade is the exterior of a building.

In contrast, a curtain wall is a glass or metal wall that separates the interior of a building from its exterior.

Why are Curtain Walls Used?

Curtain walls make a building stand out or add an exciting look and feel to the façade.

They are also popular in offices because they allow maximum natural light and airflow through the system.

What is the Fenestration Industry?

The Fenestration Industry is there to ensure the design, construction and placement of all doors and windows in a building are adequate. 

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 Are you looking for a curtain walling installation specialist in Wigan? Look no further than us.

Curtain walling is a form of glass and metal panel used in building construction to provide structure and protection to the interior space of a building.

The most common UK curtain walling systems are made up of two or more panels that slide past each other to open or close the interior space of a building.

We provide a full range of expertise for all structures, from private residences to commercial office projects. Our services include full design, installation, maintenance, and repair of existing systems to suit your project perfectly.

We can also install new techniques and upgrade existing ones to improve energy efficiency and reduce maintenance costs. And not to mention, our products are rigorously tested for industry safety standards.

We have over 20 years of experience as curtain wall contractors, providing quality solutions tailored to the needs and budget of your project.

Our team has extensive knowledge of all UK curtain walling installation aspects, including structural elements, calculations and design, materials selection, fabrication, glazing, colours and installations.

If you need UK curtain walling contractors or any assistance regarding the range of services we offer on our site, contact us for more information.

Manufacturers and Product Codes

Manufacturers which may be used include:

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